Chad Miyake, Captain of the Kimichi Kai

Work is for people that don't know how to fish! -Chad Miyake, Captain of the Kimichi Kai

Name: Chad Miyake

Home Port: Multiple ports on Maui

Years In Industry: 14

Vessel: Kimichi Kai

Crew: Codie Miyake, Adrian Ramos, Glen Ikehara

Fisheries: Hawaiian Bottomfish by Rod & Reel

Personal Introduction: Started when I was 23 and the reason why I started fishing is because my grandfather had a fishing market long time ago. My father bought his first boat and I started going along with him. I started just for fun, and over the years I started to fish commercially, especially since a lot of my friends are in the restaurant industry.

Best Fishing Tale: A day out bottom-fishing we was catching onaga and the fish was biting pretty crazy and I had a whale right next to us and it got caught on my anchor rope and dragged us about 100 yrds and finally got free! I thought because the whale dragged us off my spot the fish wouldn't bite but we probably ended up on another spot and the onaga still bit all day!