Alex Bueno, Captain of FV Rachel

There’s a love for the fish here in Hawaiʻi that I wish would extend further into the states. 
Alex Bueno, Captain of FV Rachel

Name: Alex Bueno, Captain
Vessel: FV Rachel
Home Port: Honolulu

How Long Have You Been Fishing?
“I was quite young when I started fishing, 19 or 20 years old, working as a deck hand. And later on I worked myself up to running the boat, different boats, fished back east fished a lot of different places, been fishing for most of my life. I’ve been fishing for almost 40 years”

“The only way we are gonna make a trip is if the crew does their part and I do mine, I can’t catch the fish by myself.”

What do you love about fishing?
“I love fishing. I always have since I was a little kid and you get addicted to this stuff, it's a way of life.  What I love about it is not being around a bunch of people, being on your own, doing your own thing.”

Message to Consumers
“There’s a fleet here, so there’s many crew and captains that all partake in catching the fish. The quality of the fish that we catch here is fantastic and there is nothing better, for me, then to catch a fish and eat it when it’s fresh. I realize that's a hard thing to do, with a marketing chain… there are markets and restaurants that go out of their way to deliver that quality, and when you start with quality you’re going to end with quality.  When we catch a very beautiful fish, it is going to make it to the market and someone like yourself will end up eating something that's very good and you’re really going to enjoy it.  Its quite a road for that fish to travel to get to your plate and the people involved in that process are just as important, if not more so, as the guys that catch the fish.

Hawaii has an immense amount of fish around it and the best quality of stuff being delivered to the docks that anybody would be a fool not to take advantage of that. There’s a lot of fish we catch here, not just the ahi and the yellowfin, but all the edible by-catch: the marlin, ebi, wahoo and monchong.  This fishery is pretty selective, it's a viable fishery.  The boats generate a lot of business, not just on the fish selling side but the materials, engines and fuel. When we have a good trip, everybody’s happy, everybody’s making money, everybody can buy shoes for their kids.  There’s a love for the fish here in Hawaii that I wish would extend further into the states."

Best Fishing Tales
"There are so many special moments that get engraved in your mind, it would be hard for me to pick one out and just tell you. Regardless if you’re at a river catching trout or a big marlin, the fishing and the catching and the hunting have special moments for many different people in different ways. You have highs and lows and when you make the right choices, you get lucky, it's a good feeling."  

Photo Captions.
Alex Bueno onboard the fishing vessel Rachel with his dog. Photo by Ali Bayless.