Brendan Au, Captain of the Scorpio

Name: Brendan Au, Captain of the Scorpio
Vessel: Scorpio
Home Port: Mala Wharf

How long have you been fishing?
“15 years (since year 2000)”

Why did you begin fishing?
"Iʻve been an entertainer all my life. My grandfather was a fisherman. When I gave up entertaining, I liked fishing because of the solitude.. No people around. As a fisherman you gotta love it cuz itʻs not made for everybody. I originally came to Honolulu in ʻ82 to entertain at the Royal Lahaina Luau."

“Just me”

What do you love about fishing?
“I like fishing because I can keep to myself.”

Favorite quote
If people think that they’re different from one another, they should try to sit on the toilet upside down. But I gotta word for them- don’t try it. -Brendan Au"